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Glass Top – The Most Unique Kitchen Platform

Glass Top – The Most Unique Kitchen Platform

Hola, amigos! All good? At the apparent fag end of the pandemic, when the whole world is beginning to return to normal as before, we at PROMKRAFT present another enlightening story of very useful information that is otherwise hard to come by.  That kitchens and...
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RangePocket FriendlyPremiumPremium XL
Patented DesignNoYesYes
Premium FinishNoYesYes
Personal AssistantNoNoYes
Warranty3 Years10 Years10 Years
Service1 Time1 Year2 Years
Design OptionsStandardPremiumPremium XL
Virtual Factory TourYesYesYes
Actual Factory TourNo1 Time2 Times
Access on Premium DealsNoNoYes
Count Top
(Only for Modular)
GraniteGlass & QuartzGlass & Quartz Special Stone
Designer DadoNoYesYes