Hey there, folks! We are back with some more useful gyaan on better living. Today, let’s know more about the paints that go into making our homes and prized possessions look zingy.

Regular Polyurethane (PU) colours are made from pigments in the form of thick concentrates. They have to be diluted to the required degree by adding solvents that are commonly called ‘Thinners’. These solvents comprise mostly spirits (alcohols, in simple terms), acetone, benzene, turpentine, naphtha, toluene or lacquers. The final solution is used to protect and decorate the surfaces of just about everything, from interior and exterior house painting, to automobiles, planes to furniture, even toys. Solvent based paints give a uniform, smooth and shiny texture that is scratch-resistant and can last up to even ten years.

However, these paints are surely not without their drawbacks. Remember that ‘new home’ smell that caused innumerable ‘ahem-ahems, aahh-cchhoos, sniffles, hicccs,’ coughs, wheezes, smarting eyes and itchy skins for the first few days? Well, all that was because of the ‘inevitable’ solvents mentioned above. No wonder, the poor workers in paint factories in a few years develop deadly lung, eye and skin diseases, even blood cancer. They are so lethal for health that painters must use respirators (protective masks) while applying coats. Besides, these oil based paints are highly combustible (igniting temperatures as low as 104ºC), making their manufacturing process, storage, handling, transport and application extremely dangerous. But the worst effect of pollution is on the environment. Therefore these oil based paints have long been banned in Europe and other developed continents.So Promkraft use solvent based colour which are non toxic and there are no harmful effects

And if you thought their harmful effects in your nest are gone in some weeks, think again. You’d be shocked to know that these ‘Volatile Organic Compounds’ or VOCs continue to emit noxious fumes and cause indoor air pollution so long as they stay in. Especially hazardous are Formaldehyde, Benzene and Toluene that affect the respiratory, digestive, circulatory, reproductive and the central nervous systems of the body. These pollutants can cause everything from sore throat to heavy-headedness, making the inside of your home more toxic and harmful than the smoky, dirty outside air! And you thought you and your family (read ‘little ones’) were safe in the confines of home? Sweet Lord in Heaven!

Sadly, even today about 95% of furniture made in India is painted with solvent based polyurethane colours. Their use is even higher in the automobile sector. The reasons are obvious – they are cheaper and produce a high gloss chamchamaata look.

After this epiphany, what do we do then, you ask? Well, luckily there are safer alternatives nowadays. Did you know that PROMKRAFT was the first and foremost company to introduce water based PU colour system in India? Yeah, it’s true. Way back in 2017 the team at PROMKRAFT decided that Indians deserve safer, eco-friendly products for their hard earned money and for environmental conservation. We substituted solvent based paints with water based PU colours. Now, how are these better?
While thinners are used to dilute solvent based paints, water based colours use plain water. As simple as that! Unlike solvents, water based colours are absolutely safe during application and ever after. Painters need no longer use masks; in fact, you can even watch them apply coats with impunity. Being thinned with water, these products become non-combustible. These colour coats can be applied faster and dry sooner than oil-based colours and also do not darken the colour of wood. More importantly, all aforementioned health hazards are eliminated and there is very little odour. Compared to 4H hardness of solvent based paints, water based colours are hard up to 6H level. They are so highly abrasion and scratch resistant that this system is used even in wooden floorings. The best part is that there is no harm to the environment either during manufacturing or use. In fact, all top auto manufacturers in Europe like Mercedes Benz, Daimler, Audi, Skoda, BMW etc now use such environment-friendly water based colours for their exquisite products. The only downside is that water based colours are more expensive than ordinary paints and also need expert professionals for application.

We are proud to say that we at PROMKRAFT are currently the only ones in India to use water based PU colour system for our products in modular kitchens and furniture. We acquire lacquers from Renner Italia marketed by Asian Paints and water based colour pigments from an Indian manufacturer. Then we use our own in-house R&D centre and water-dispensing machines to computer-generate over 100 shades of dazzling colours, elegant shades and tantalizing tones.

We earnestly believe that water based polyurethane colour system is here to stay. In fact we foresee the entire solvent based paint industry in India turning to water based PU colour system latest by the end of this decade. And everyone knows that we at PROMKRAFT were the pioneers!

Now that you know all about paints, go ahead and make a wise choice. Opt for safe, eco-friendly, quality products from PROMKRAFT. For, isn’t the well-being of your loved ones worth more than anything else in the world?

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