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Birth of Acrylic Kitchen in India

Birth of Acrylic Kitchen in India

Up until the mid 1970’s, all kitchen cabinets had solid wood panels for its shutters. They were intricately crafted to bring out the perfect shape and size. They were polished with sand paper and then finished with either veneers or simply oil paint. They looked good...
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Patented DesignNoYesYes
Premium FinishNoYesYes
Personal AssistantNoNoYes
Warranty3 Years10 Years10 Years
Service1 Time1 Year2 Years
Design OptionsStandardPremiumPremium XL
Virtual Factory TourYesYesYes
Actual Factory TourNo1 Time2 Times
Access on Premium DealsNoNoYes
Count Top
(Only for Modular)
GraniteGlass & QuartzGlass & Quartz Special Stone
Designer DadoNoYesYes