The kitchen, out of all the rooms in your house, is the one that requires the most attention daily. However, do not become accustomed to cleaning the kitchen after each meal numerous times a day. You can go from filthy to dazzling clean in a very short period. Here’s how to do it.


Materials needed:-


Trash container, basket for stuff that does not belong in the kitchen, Dish soap, Other cleansers you normally use, Dish Rag or sponge, Scrubber for stuck-on food, Broom, mop or vacuum


How to Clean the Kitchen Efficiently


  1. Assemble your supplies:- The importance of this step should not be understated. Searching for cleaners, dishcloths, sponges, and other supplies not only takes up valuable time but also raises the likelihood of distractions, which can cause you to lose track of what you were working on in the first place.


  1. Run a sink of hot, soapy water:- You should utilize the garbage disposal-free side of a double sink if your sink has one on one of its sides. You’ll be able to scrape leftovers down the drain more quickly if you keep the disposal side free while you’re working. Because it will cool as you use it, the water should be as hot as you can stand it at first.


  1. Scrape off all the dishes into the trash or garbage disposal:- If you don’t have a double sink and your garbage disposal is clogged, scrape the dishes onto a dirty plate and dispose of them that way.


  1. Place dishes that need to soak into the water:-  Choose the dishes that will cause the most difficulty in cleaning, either for you or your dishwasher. Place the plates that have been significantly dirty at the bottom of the sink. Prepare a large amount of hot soapy water and place it on the counter to soak large dishes such as pans and bowls.


  1. While the dishes are soaking, go through the kitchen clearing out trash from your floor, counter top, and cupboards:- It is not necessary to be concerned about things that are out of place or that do not belong in the kitchen. Concentrate solely on garbage.


  1. Move on to gathering all the items that do not belong in the kitchen. Put all these items into a basket:- If you have a helper, assign him the task of putting these stuff away. Do not interrupt your job in the kitchen to put these misplaced goods back where they belong.


  1. Put away all the items that belong in the kitchen but are not in their proper places:- Allowing yourself to become distracted by changing cabinets, drawers, and other such items are not recommended. Just put everything back where it belongs.


  1. Load the dishwasher or wash by hand:-  If you do not have access to a dishwasher or do not choose to use one, this method of dishwashing may take longer. If at all possible, gather a group of people and construct a washing, rinsing, drying, and putting away assembly line. Also, it’s a terrific chance to catch up with absent family members. Remove the unclean water from the sink and scrape the plate of food into the garbage disposal if it has become clogged previously. Toss the plate in the dishwasher once it has been washed.


  1. Wash down your counter top, appliances, and sink:- Sponge and rags should be thoroughly rinsed. No heavy-duty cleaning is being performed here. Clear away any debris from the visible surfaces. Avoid opening the microwave and scrubbing it clean, or cleaning the crumbs out of the toaster. Wipe it down as soon as possible.


  1. Take out the trash:-  Taking the trash outside and relining the trash container will ensure that it is ready for pickup when the trash is full or the next trash day approaches.


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