Our home is our haven; a cocoon where we breathe freely, feel passionately, think clearly and dream lovingly. It shows our attitude, perspective and our outlook towards life. Every part and corner of it is our unique signature that reflects our personality and the values we cherish. So designing our dream home with every penny of our hard-earned money should be done by the best professionals who understand engineering as well as our expectations. We at Promkraft are such who blend modern technology with innovative and creative ideas to give you furniture and kitchens that mirror the real YOU!

With myriad materials being used today for making furniture and kitchens, acrylic stands out as the best choice for a variety of reasons. Now, what do laymen like us know what exactly it is? Acrylic, also called Plexiglass, is a synthetic, non-toxic, transparent thermoplastic product with almost miraculous characteristics.

With such wondrous qualities, no wonder that acrylic remains the number one choice for making all types of furniture including tables, desks, beds, trolleys, bookshelves, showcases, wardrobes, bathroom doors, along with cabinets and drawers.

There are three broad types of acrylic: Cast Acrylic Sheet, Continuous Cast Acrylic Sheet, Extruded Acrylic Sheet in which –
Cast acrylic sheet combines clarity with strength. This clear plastic sheet is lightweight, impact resistant and durable. It can be fabricated easily into any desired shape, comes in many different colors, sizes, thicknesses and finishes, and works well for everything from display cases to windows.

Continuous cast acrylic sheet is exceptionally clear and strong. It can be fabricated into just about any shape or size imaginable and comes in many different colors. It offers the benefit of consistent, uniform thickness throughout the entire sheet because of the manufacturing process

Extruded Acrylic This impact resistant plastic sheet is three times stronger than most double strength window glass yet weighs at least half as much. It works well for display cases, lighting, signage and framing, as well as many other applications. It can be either color tinted or crystal clear, depending on the need, and will not yellow or fade with time.

So we at Promkraft use only high grade ‘Continuous Cell Cast’ acrylic that is much harder, more scratch resistant and has gloss level up to 92%. Also, unlike others, we use acrylic sheets 1.8 mm in thickness. This gives your kitchen a dazzling elite look and also a strong fort like impenetrability. No amount of stubborn grease, yucky oil, hot food spill, accidental drops or angry banging deters your kitchen in the least. Just one sweep with a soft cloth dipped in mild soap water and it shines as good as new again. Its high durability, toughness and tolerance along with crystal clear transparency make your kitchen as handsome and efficient as the rest of your house.

Likewise, acrylic furniture also bravely weathers all childish bangs, teenaged slams and adult smashes on all surfaces and movements. This material is non-toxic, UV resistant, easy to clean, safe and secure, maintenance free and trendy in looks with high gloss finish, which make such furniture a ‘must’ in every modern home. Acrylic can be kept looking like new since accidental scratches can be buffed out.

Only thing though. Acrylic surfaces should never be cleaned with toilet or floor cleaners like Harpic, Lyzol etc. Harsh chemicals like acids, acetones and benzenes will corrode and dull the surface.

Shinkolite’ brand of Acrylic

We at Promkraft use the ‘Shinkolite’ brand of acrylic, the leading global brand manufactured by Nippon giant Mitsubhishi Chemical Corporation. It is presently the best in its class the world has to offer. Further, ‘Shinkolite’ acrylic has four more types for use in specific areas:

1. SHINKOLITE™ L, DX, and LX (Continuous Cast Acrylic Sheet)
With high consistency and uniform thickness, products made from this category of acrylic are elegant and superior in quality.

2. SHINKOLITE MR (Hard Coated Acrylic Sheet)
Apart from being extremely translucent, highly processable and stronger, this type of acrylic is much more resistant to scratches.

3. SHINKOLITE PX (Sanitary Ware Grade Acrylic)
Known for more uniform thickness and bond ability with FRP, this variety of acrylic sheets are ideal for sanitary applications like in bathtubs, showers and sinks.

4. SHINKOLITE FR (Flame Retardant Acrylic Sheet)
This kind of acrylic has all the qualities of Continuous Cast Acrylic Sheets, plus the amazing property of being self-extinguishing. It actually KILLS flames even if it catches fire.

So go ahead and trust Promkraft. Entrust your dreams to us and we will give you memories of a place called ‘home’ to last your lifetime!

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