Why go for PromKraft?

Cluttered kitchen is a problem of every household, and probably in yours as well. While the traditional setting does work, however opting for a more functional setup is the smarter choice.

This makes the addition of modular kitchen design India to your household the perfect option, for which we recommend contacting PromKraft. Their high-end designs, multi-utility functions and visual appeal ensure consumer content and satisfaction.


With a vast catalogue, clients are offered with an array of kitchen designs to choose from. Every design is planned to suit the requirements intended by the client to be included within their kitchen setup. Although every consumer requirement may be different however, these designs ensure to meet up with client expectation without a hitch.

***For consumers looking for something a bit different from the set, designs can depend on the designers at PromKraft for customization. By following a distinct work module, they ensure to deliver a modular kitchen in Thane that lives up to the expectations set by the customer.

Modular Kitchen Setups that we provide

The area per square feet and the amount of space available in a kitchen determine the type of modular setup that best fits your home. At, PromKraft, our design engineers dedicate their skills in constructing a modular kitchen as per your preference. Listed below are the types of modular kitchens that we construct.


  • L shaped modular kitchen

It is a modular kitchen layout preferred by most households due to its compactness and high-utility. An L Shaped modular kitchen offers all functionalities and is able to fit in almost all spaces, no matter the length and width of the area. It ensures maximum area utilization by leaving space to move around.

  • Parallel modular kitchen

With two setups facing each other, it gives the client an option to segregate between wet and dry. Parallel modular kitchen setup allows space to move around while offering the consumer with maximum counter space to work in.

  • U shaped modular kitchen

For a home with a larger per square feet, area kitchen can install a U-shaped modular kitchen and ensures to avail maximum storage, counter space and movement area. The remaining space is available for adding in a dining table within the kitchen.

  • Island modular kitchen

This is another spacious modular kitchen setup idle for clients with a larger kitchen area to add in the two separate setups. This includes a wall to wall unit followed by another wet area that remains separate. It is a dream installation for many, and availing PromKraft services for the best modular kitchen near me may be a chance to make that dream come true.

  • G shaped modular kitchen

With a separate counter connected to the wall setup, the G-shaped modular kitchen ensures to utilize minimum space while ensuring maximum utility. With ample counter space to work with, this kitchen welcomes more than one person to function at the same time.


  • Straight modular kitchen

For efficient utilization of per square feet area, the straight modular kitchen setup is usually employed by clients living in loft and studio apartments with a single bedroom. At PromKraft, our straight kitchen setups aim to deliver effective workflow via optimum space employment.

How do we work at PromKraft ?

To create the most functional modular kitchen in Thane, at PromKraft, we follow a specific work module that ensures to deliver crafted perfection. Our distinct methodology assists in meeting client requirements with the implication of their ideas and our planning, designs and skills.

 Layout Designing:

Before the installation of racks and cabinets, the designer is required to create a visual image of how the kitchen should look like. They draft a generic idea about the functionalities of each module and also access the storage capacity required in accordance with the area per square feet.

Discussion and implementation of ideas:

With a visual plan and set of professional designers, we approach our clients to review design ideas that we have for their kitchen. The reason is to make additions within the set plan as per client requirement and suggestions. Every client has a basic idea about how they want their kitchen to look like and at PromKraft, we always ensure to take your needs into consideration.

A well-coordinated team:

Accompanied by professional designers, our team of experts also includes artisans skilled in the field of crafting modular kitchen design India. These people have been associated with PromKraft for a while and have lived up to the expectation set by clients. Working in conjunction with design engineers, our team ensures to craft a kitchen that is appealing, functional and spacious.

First Look at the Kitchen:

Before suggesting Latest Modular Kitchen Designs, our group of professional designers and experts visit your home to check your kitchen area. Modular additions require our designers to first understand the basic capacity of the kitchen. Based on their site visit, they are able to draft a plan and arrive to design ideas that allow your kitchen to be functional yet appealing.

Timely Delivery:

To ensure the convenience of our consumers we set deadlines and stick to them at the time of delivery. This helps us in providing our clients with optimum consumer satisfaction. With the set design, a clear visual idea and experienced artisans, PromKraft is able to deliver modular kitchen designs near me that are worth a thousand praises.

Areas of service:

Famous for popular tourist destinations such as the Upvan Lake and Mahuli Fort, Thane is the current area of service for PromKraft. Clients residing in and around Thane can contact us for the installation of modular kitchens in their home.

With consumer satisfaction as our top priority, we aim to provide modular kitchen services in almost every functional area in Thane.

Quality of Service:

Installation of modular kitchens to your home is not where our customer services end, for we know that every setup approaches depreciation. To achieve consumer content, PromKraft assures to offer a durable setup.

Our equipment is not only aesthetically appealing but also is constructed with materials of the finest quality. Clients will need to spend close to zero effort behind the maintenance with these pieces of equipment.

With a one-year warranty period, we ensure that any wear and tear is a responsibility that we accept. Customers are assured not to encounter any defaults, but in case of any negligence, PromKraft is here to provide assistance with their modular kitchen in Thane. 

Round the year service:

From workdays to weekends and even festivities, PromKraft ensures to be open to client orders all year round. We know how every festivity marks the arrival of new additions to your home, and this year on Ganesh Chaturthi, we appeal to all to opt for our modular kitchen in Thane. Our aesthetic design and quality finesse will leave every guest who visits your home on this festive occasion awe-struck.

The verification for our claims is our vast client base who will assure you that if you are looking for a modular kitchen in Thane, then do approach PromKraft.

Our Philosophy

Your modular kitchen setup should be a depiction of your requirements and aesthetic sense. That is why we ensure to always implement your ideas through our designs and set up. Concentrating on every detail, we assure to create a modular kitchen that is both functional as well as appealing to the eyes. Contacting PromKraft assures consumers of being presented with a design and setup that is both operational as well as exquisite.

Suppose you want a kitchen that speaks a lot about your visual ideas. In that case, designers at PromKraft will dedicate to customize for you a modular kitchen in Thane that meets every expectation.

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