Different finishes for different style


PromKraft launched the first European color system used for kitchens in India. The best thing about this is that it can be changed any time at nominal costs later.


As the pioneers of acrylic kitchens in India, PromKraft uses 95% transparent optical grade acrylic that is also scratch resistant. Moreover, acrylic kitchens can handle the traditional rough Indian cooking methods. These acrylic are imported from Mitsubishi Chemicals, Japan.


For this process PromKraft uses natural veneers that are extracted from tree barks, and coated with natural oils that do not allow water to stick to it. Furthermore, the same veneers are also applied to all the edges of the kitchen for a smooth, seamless look.

RangePocket FriendlyPremiumPremium XL
Patented DesignNoYesYes
Premium FinishNoYesYes
Personal AssistantNoNoYes
Warranty3 Years10 Years10 Years
Service1 Time1 Year2 Years
Design OptionsStandardPremiumPremium XL
Virtual Factory TourYesYesYes
Actual Factory TourNo1 Time2 Times
Access on Premium DealsNoNoYes
Count Top
(Only for Modular)
GraniteGlass & QuartzGlass & Quartz Special Stone
Designer DadoNoYesYes